Reel It In, Love Livers!

Reel It In, Love Livers!
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It’s not the first time you’ve heard it and it won’t be the last; some folks are taking fandom to a dangerous level.

Love Live! and its follow-up Love Live! Sunshine!! skyrocketed to a level of popularity that guaranteed die-hard fans (otherwise known as Love Livers). Love Live! Sunshine!! season II called it a wrap about a month ago, but perhaps the announcement of an upcoming moving is driving enthusiasm… Because the outrageous fandom doesn’t seem to be dying down in the slightest.

Just last week, the official website for Love Live! posted their 4th warning to date, advising every Love Liver to adhere to the basic rules of human interaction:

Recently, some people are not observing proper manners and are disturbing the viewing experience of others in the audience. Conflicts between customers has also been triggered by this behavior. Because this may lead to legal trouble, we ask everyone to please follow the rules during viewings and please heed the warnings of the staff promptly.
If an improvement in behavior is not seen, the theater staff may deem it necessary to eject you. This may also impact the scheduling of any future live viewings.

The term “live viewings” could refer to events from concerts to conventions to public screenings. The range of “not observing proper behavior” is wide, but there’s been word of human centipedes up the skirt of one of the characters… And a fan was even assaulted and robbed after receiving chocolate from one of the voice actresses.

Or take this Love Liver destroying a rack of magazines for example. All reportedly because he wasn’t given a special edition item when purchasing his movie ticket.

Who ARE these people?!

It’s interesting that Love Live! of all things that’s triggering certain people to get all wild and out. You certainly don’t see any Junji Ito fans bothering others by turning into giant snails.

Cool your heads so all of the respectful Love Love! fans can continue to enjoy it, won’t you?

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