Respect Your Anime Elders

As many Japan enthusiasts already know, every 3rd Monday of September is designated Respect for the Aged Day in the Land of the Rising Sun. This year, we decided to compile a list of Anime Elders worthy of your respect. Read on, and don’t forget to bow.


 Master Roshi

The first elderly character that demands respect is, of course, none other than Master Roshi of Dragon Ball Z fame. Unassuming yet wily, Master Roshi is an old hermit that constantly defies expectations. Although Roshi tends to be a little too forward with the ladies, he is still a well-respected martial arts master. When he is not training Goku and other martial artists at the legendary Turtle School, he can be found taking afternoon naps on the beach. Respect.



The next elderly character is Yoshimura, manager of the Anteiku café. In Tokyo Ghoul, he acts as peacekeeper between ghouls and humans. Like many of the other characters on this list, he possesses an inner strength that is not immediately recognizable. Ever the gentleman, Yoshimura is held in universal high regard for his reliability and wisdom.



Death Note Oculus

Oculus is a character as mysterious as he is old (and he’s very, very old). Oculus is a seemingly harmless old man who spends most of his time shooting galactic pool, but beneath his friendly demeanor is a no-nonsense work ethic, as he is in charge of all the arbiters in Death ParadeOculus is the sort of boss who inspires both awe and respect at the same time.


 Mr. Tawarayama

Tawarayama Cute High Earth Defense Club

In Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, Mr. Tawarayama is a homeroom teacher at Binan High. He is respected by his students based on his age and position alone, but it doesn’t hurt that he is under the control of a deceptively old pink space wombat. With a combined age of 235, these two characters are determined to spread love across the world, a noble and respectable mission.

Are there any other characters we should be remembering on Respect for the Aged Day? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, or drop a comment below to let us know!


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