Have A Royal Wedding With Sailor Moon Rings And Papers

Have A Royal Wedding With Sailor Moon Rings And Papers
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In the world of anime, nothing says “true love” like Sailor Moon. And for couples who want their own Miracle Romance, there are plenty of options. Wedding planners around the world make Sailor Moon themed options available. But now couples can make their relationship official with, well, official help! Check out just a couple of the wedding day accessories rolling out for the 25th anniversary.

With This Ring…

Have A Royal Wedding With Sailor Moon Rings And Papers
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The right ring means everything, and U Treasure is releasing a variety of engagement and wedding rings to suit every fan. The Neo Tokyo set features an engagement ring based on Neo Queen Serenity’s tiara, and his and hers wedding rings based on Endymion’s staff and Serenity’s dress. The Cosmic Heart engagement ring features a simpler design based on Sailor Moon’s compact. Or there are his-and-hers Moonlight engagements rings in a gold and silver design with the Guardians’ emblems engraved on the side.

All the rings, as well as some lovely necklaces, are available now from U Treasure. Each is available in a variety of precious metals. As for the price… they’re definitely up in the “if you have to ask” range, but absolutely gorgeous into the bargain.

The Red Tape

Have A Royal Wedding With Sailor Moon Rings And Papers
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Of course, the big day isn’t all ceremonies and flowers. You still have to do the paperwork. Sailor Moon marriage forms are nothing new, but Kodansha’s with Magazine has just launched the first papers featuring official art drawn by Naoko Takeuchi! The forms are an insert in the back of the the mag’s December issue. And in case you’re not sure how to fill them out, there’s a sample form done up for Usagi and Mamoru.

The special magazine insert also commemorates great moments from the eternal couple’s romance with key images from the manga. There are also interviews with soon-to-be-married women, who chat about their first dates and the time leading up to their wedding day.

Of course, these are just two of many Sailor Moon themed items you can make a part of your wedding. Have you seen any other things you’d want as a part of your big day? Tell us about them in the comments!

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