Sometimes It’s Better To NOT Catch ‘Em All

Ruslan Sokolovsky Pokemon Go
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Well that escalated quickly. Russian Blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky is facing a 3.5-year sentence for “inciting religious hatred” after playing Pokemon Go in a church. The trial concluded in Yekaterinburg, Russia yesterday;  the judge said the verdict will be issued on May 11.

Ruslan Sokolovsky Pokemon Go
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Sokolovsky had been in pre-trial detention since October… We can imagine Russian detention isn’t the kind of place that incites happiness.

According to Anime News Network, the church where the blogger allegedly played the game is built on the supposed site where Tsar Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, and his family were killed. SO, probably not the place to be hunting for cuddly Pokemon Go characters.

If there’s any lesson that can’t be learned from this… Well, two.

No. 1, be respectful with your gaming.

No. 2, be ESPECIALLY respectful of everything in Russia. Seriously. Not even Pokemon Go is worth that kind of hardship.

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