Save A Life Or Take A Stand: Two New Anime Escape Rooms!

anime escape room
Image source: Yodaka's Record/Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Escape room junkies in Japan are about to get a one-two punch of awesome. Two major titles are coming to live as real-world puzzles, and they’ll be testing your wit and your show knowledge.

JoJo’s Bizarre Amusement Park Escape

Image source: Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Already underway is this JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable mystery. Three amusement parks across Japan will be standing in for Morioh, the setting of the series. Participants must uncover a crime committed by Kira Yoshikage. Not only that, they’ll have to awaken their own Stands and face off against Killer Queen!

If that’s all a bit intense for you, don’t worry. You can just take photos, too! Four photo spots across the parks depict famous locations from the series. Snap a selfie in front of Angelo’s Rock, Ghost Girl Alley, and more.

JoJo’s Bizarre Theme Park Escape is underway now and runs until September. Check out the official site for more info!

Black Jack ~Emergency Operation on Escape~

Image source: Yodaka’s Record

Want to be a doctor, but can’t afford medical school? Hop into the new Black Jack puzzle room hosted by puzzle-makers Yodaka’s Record! The event, which starts later this month, casts you as an up-and-coming surgeon with a tough case. Your friend has fallen from the sky — literally — with a disease. It seems he was about to expose a pharmaceutical company for unethical practices, and things didn’t go well.

You’re definitely going to need a consult on this one. Fortunately, Black Jack (in voice recordings by Akio Ohtsuka) is there to help! Cure the patient, uncover the mystery, and save the day!

These anime escape rooms run Friday through Sunday and on national holidays starting July 23. Check out the Yodaka’s Record site for full info.


It looks like Japan is finding more and more ways for us to immerse ourselves in our favorite shows! Is there one you’d like to see get the escape room treatment? Share it with us!

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