Seis Manos: Mexican Anime Coming Soon On Netflix

seis manos logo
Source: Powerhouse Animation

Sure, Japan’s the hub… But they’re not the only country taking a dip in the anime pool. Now, the latest news from Powerhouse Animation and Netflix is proving it.

Seis Manos is an upcoming anime set in Mexico.

The story follows 3 martial arts masters who join forces with a U.S. DEA agency and Mexican Federales to fight those responsible for their mentor’s death. Los cartels, perhaps? So far there haven’t been many details about Seis Manos, and it’s even too early for a trailer… but we did find some initial character art.

Behold, our heroes:

seis manos heroes
Source: Powerhouse Animation

I’ve already chosen my favorite character, despite his affinity for what appears to be Patrón (blech). I’ll pretend it’s Casa Noble.

While it’ll be available on Netflix, it’s technically a VIZ Media production – their first original property. Looks like another big name in the anime industry is dipping their toes into production (which means yay! more anime).

But it’s Powerhouse Animation out of Austin, TX in charge of animating the show – the same team responsible Castlevania. After the success of Netflix’s 2017 vampire bloodfest, it seems Netflix would be happy to offer them this original project, too.


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