Sengoku Heroes Weeb Out in “GUDAGUDA Honnoji” Event

Sengoku Heroes Weeb Out in "GUDAGUDA Honnoji" Event
(Source: Aniplex USA)

The ever-popular Fate/Grand Order is often an historical exercise in “never meeting your heroes.” And North America has just finished learning this in spades — provided they’re fans of Japan’s Warring States period.

In the GUDAGUDA Honnoji event, little terrors called Nobbus attack your base — and that’s just the start. You and your Servants accompany Demon Archer and Sakura Saber to a closed space where… well… stuff gets pretty weird.

Mistaken Identity

Sengoku Heroes Weeb Out in "GUDAGUDA Honnoji" Event
(Source: Aniplex USA)

Your first runaround with your new Saber and Archer is confusing, to say the least. For one thing, there’s Nobbus everywhere. And for another, the servants you know and love all seem to think they’re someone else! Medusa, Altria, and others have somehow merged minds with warriors of the Sengoku period. And you and your servants have to defeat them.

Unfortunately, Sakura Saber and Demon Archer aren’t much help. The former is constantly coughing up blood, and the latter has been “nerfed” to an 0.5 star level. Play on, though, and they gain power — and you gain knowledge.

Surprise! (No surprise.) Your Demon Archer is the great Oda Nobunaga, and Sakura Saber is the swordsman Okita Souji. Play your cards right, and after this conflict, they’re yours for keeps!

Keikaku Means Plan

Sengoku Heroes Weeb Out in "GUDAGUDA Honnoji" Event
(Source: Type Moon Wiki)

If it’s not yet evident, GUDAGUDA Honnoji is a very silly story — and that’s even pairing it against the recent Halloween event! The dialogue is full of in-jokes, both for Fate fans and for long-time anime and game fans. And lots of the additional art, like the limited-edition Craft Essences, feature the adorable GUDAGUDA Order-style art.

So, how do you get these two zeroes and make them back into heroes? Well, Oda Nobunaga was a limited-time draw, so you had to make sure to win her over to your side before the event was over. You were free to buff her up — but if you hadn’t heard enough points to keep her, you were out of luck. And you didn’t get your items back, either.

As for Okita Souji… the five-star gacha-only was a tough draw, with a very small number of players drawing her.

Didn’t make it to this event? Or did you (like our fair writer) get your Nobbu but forget to save up to buy her ascension materials? No fear — Japan had a GUDAGUDA anniversary event a year later, so you might be able to grab what you need next fall! We hope, anyway…



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