Shadow Of The Colossus Remake Released

shadow of the colossus
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Anyone who played Shadow of the Colossus back in ’05 remembers the game vividly. The graphics, the gameplay, the immersive story that draws the player in… It was one of those magical gaming moments that’s hard to forget.

Which is why fans are giddy as a schoolgirl over Sony’s beautiful remake.

And by remake I mean they actually REMADE the game from scratch. Well, the gameplay remains the same, but there are completely new graphics. Every game asset was rebuilt from the ground up.

And the results are gorgeous. Take a look:

Those chills you have are thanks to the PS4 Pro’s breathtaking 4k graphics and frame rate that’s about a billion times higher than the PS2 version. Everything is sharper, more detailed.

And yes, this isn’t the first time Sony has updated Shadow – they did something similar once before on the PS3. But that update was just that, a graphical update. This is a BIG graphical update AND totally rebuilt 3D game models. Making this update a much bigger production than the PS3 version.

As mentioned, the mechanics of Shadow will remain unchanged, with perhaps a few minor movement bugs ironed out.

The story is also exactly the same too. No subtractions, and no additions. Game designer, Fumito Ueda, took a minimalist approach to the game (the same approach he takes with all his games). So adding some other feature or bonus content would be a betrayal of his original intent.

This new Shadow isn’t about that. It’s about maintaining the wonder of the original, but making it look prettier. And I think they did a pretty damn good job.

The PS4 Shadow of the Colossus remake was released Feb 7th. Grab it from Amazon or download directly from the PS Store.

Are you going to play the new version of Shadow of the Colossus? Comment below.

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