Shiny! The Annos Made Anime Goods That Sparkle

Shiny! The Annos Made Anime Goods That Sparkle

Anime power couple Moyoco and Hideaki Anno really know how to make their work shine. Hideaki Anno has carried on the Evangelion jewelry line, of course, and fans still love it. Meanwhile, Moyoco turns the heroines of her series like Sugar Sugar Rune into gravure models in her calendars.

And the two creators’ latest tie-in anime jewelry is as classy as it comes. If you have a little extra money, you can get merchandise that shines: necklaces and bracelets inspired by your faves!

Plugsuit Power

Shiny! The Annos Made Anime Goods That Sparkle
(Source: U-Treasure)

Fans of Rebuild of Evangelion can show their love for their favorite characters with a unique line of pendants. The cloisonné-accented precious metal depicts tiny recreations of the main cast’s plugsuits.

The exclusive U-Treasure creations will be carried at the Ikebukuro Evangelion store this fall. They’re a unique gift to any Eva fan — but they’re not cheap. The necklaces start at 19,440 yen for the silver version. White, yellow, or rose gold versions are 88,560 yen. And if you really have money to throw around, you can pick up a platinum suit for 101,520 yen!

All seven versions are on display at U-Treasure.

Magical Girls Grow Up

Shiny! The Annos Made Anime Goods That Sparkle

Meanwhile, Moyoco Anno has been busy crafting an accessory line for her magical girl series, Sugar Sugar Rune. Called SugarRune La Ville Violette, it offers dainty jewelry inspired by heroines Chocolat and Vanilla.

The first release consisted of a series of three necklaces — one for each girl, and the Eternité necklace featuring a lemniscate pendant. The three necklaces can be purchased (and worn) separately or together.

Most recently, the line has expanded with the Eternité Brace, a pair of bracelets matching the necklace. Real precious stones accent the pair, themed again to either Chocolat or Vanilla. And, like the necklaces, they come with exclusive postcard art. Perfect for the grown-up magical girl who never stopped believing!

The La Ville Violette collection is available on the official Sugar Sugar Rune website.

Got an anime series you’d like to see high-end jewelry releases for? Let us know in the comments! Or — let us know if there are any we missed, so we can dream of them, too!

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