Shiraito Shuzo Pairs Sake with Anime

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Love coming up with mixed drinks themed to your favorite anime? (We know stevenlovesBoA does.) Why not go a step further and buy a sake brewed specifically with your favorite shows in mind? Shiraito Shuzo is making it happen.

The brewery (which has been in business since 1773) is now known among the anime and gaming community as the place to go for extra special drinks. Are you an Ace Attorney fan? They released a “toasting set,” featuring a bottle of sake and a bottle of red wine, for the 15th anniversary of the franchise. Special brews have recently been created to go along with Attack on Titan, eldLIVE, Kuroko’s Basketball, and many other current favorites among fans. There’s even a Resident Evil version!

Most recently, the company unveiled an old favorite for mecha fans: their “Saitei Yarou” label. The sake, made in honor of Armored Trooper VOTOMS and originally served at an exhibition of VOTOMS creator Ryousuke Takahashi’s work in 2013, was so popular among fans that it was brought back as its own product for long-term distribution.

So what makes their product special? Well, besides the thought that’s put into making a product that evokes a character or title — whether it’s in the form of sake, wine or some other spirit — they also include special masu, or square wooden sake cups, with their sets. Their gift box designs are intricate and beautiful, to the point that collectors might appreciate the goods even without the included beverage. (Though to be fair, that is the best part.)

Shiraito Shuzo’s website is full of themed beverages. At present, they’re doing a run of Touken Ranbu-themed plum wine, for fans of anthropomorphic sword boys. They’re also sponsoring Ghost in the Shell themed train wrappings around Japan!

Which anime or game series you think deserves its own sake?

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