Snack & Stream: Japanese Dango

I admittedly have a God-awful sweet tooth. That sweet tooth increases 10x when it involves a Japanese treat, since they’re sweet… But not too sweet… And therefore allows me to eat 10x more.

In honor of all of the gaming we’ve all been up to, I’m feeling inspired to make something that’ll satisfy my need for sugar without getting my hands sticky. OBVIOUSLY, this means a snack on a stick.

Dango are small, chewy ball-shaped mochi dumplings. Typically they aren’t super sweet themselves, so I’m going to make them with a sweetened soy sauce, or just dip them in sugar… Dip them in chocolate.. Dip them in whatever I can get my hands on, really.

This recipe is one of the easiest I’ve found yet, yielding super awesome results.

And yes, the fact that they’re served a stick makes them taste even better.


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