Snack & Stream: Tamago Kake Gohan

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to try out eating raw egg. Don’t freak out, this recipe is an easy to make staple meal in Japan. Tamago kake gohan is the original Japanese fast breakfast food whose name just means raw egg on rice.

There are entire restaurants devoted to this dish, accompanied by soy sauce and maaaaybe some crunchy munchies.

You pour hot water over a whole egg, leave it for about a minute, then crack it. The process coddles the egg but doesn’t cook it (so you should still use a top-quality egg you feel comfortable eating raw). Then, you whip the egg with hot rice until you have a bowl of fluffy, pale yellow goodness. Next, pour a generous glug of soy sauce, and then garnish with sesame seeds at a minimum, or piles of creamy avocado and crunchy celery, or more authentic toppings like dried fish flakes, pickles, dried baby anchovies, and clams.

Find the recipe here!


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