Snowfall In Tokyo Brought Out The Best In People

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There’s been an unprecedented amount of snowfall in Tokyo, Japan so far this year. In January, there were over 9″ of snow on the ground in the city… Which of course wreaked havoc on all forms of public transit.

It may have set everyone back and screwed up the schedule of an entire city, but it provided a great opportunity for some of the citizens. Many people took to the streets and started creating some pretty impressive snow sculptures. Of course, there are some adorable creatures from anime and card games like Pokémon that showed up…

Basically, it was just a giant anime snow storm.


There’s a re-creation from My Neighbor Totoro that even went so far as to add the umbrella and some coloring to the little creature. Another artist even included the plushie doll for comparison (but it isn’t clear if the ears and eyes were drawn on somehow or some sort of sticker). Either way the cold little creature is pretty spot-on.

Of course, Pokemon and Studio Ghibli aren’t the only ones to get some snow love. Properties like Nintendo and the king of monsters himself, Godzilla also got some love… I’m hoping that somewhere nearby there is another tube with Mario’s bottom half sticking out of it.

The detail and size of Godzilla is probably the most impressive creation. It’s so damn big we can’t even fit it in the slideshow.

And then there’s Pop Team Epic… Which might easily be the best out of all of them. I mean Pipimi looks great and anything this tall probably took a lot of work. I’m guessing it was pretty cold for all these sculptures to hold their own weight.

I hope that these snow sculptures all survived for at least awhile. Most of these must be slush by now, but it still shows off the kind of work even normal people can pull off with time and some imagination.

Shoutout to @project_eevee@lucyco73, @dovio88, @chiiiiko1980, and @actionclutch for sharing these kickass creations.

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