Snuggle Up To These Anime Picks!

So you’ve got your main squeeze and are ready to enjoy some romantic picks, but you don’t know what to watch?! Allow us to steer your evening stream so you can ace this holiday week (flowers help too).


Charlotte is an emotional ride that is perfect for any couple that loves a moe style comedy. It has action, love, oddities and heartbreak.

We couldn’t have cooked up a better cake ourselves; granted this anime is more like a four course meal!

….P.S. If you don’t have a special someone, Charlotte can be it.


Momokuri is… well, it is the anime to define all crazy relationships,
because frankly we’ve all had one (or maybe you were the crazy??). 

It is cute, hilarious and the animation is some of the best out there. It reminds us that we are lucky to have those around us who enjoy and love us for, well, us.

May your next girlfriend stalk you as feverishly.

Both Charlotte and Momokuri are streaming now! Happy snuggling.


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