Some amazing anime to enjoy while you’re sick!

So as of late it seems as if the cold/flu has been making the rounds and it has recently hit some of us here at Viewster so we got to thinking, “What is the best thing to do when sick? Why, watch anime!” This is a true conversation we had. So here we are with a list of anime or anime films that we like to enjoy when we are sick as they remind us so much of what it is like to have a lot of vim and vigor when you are at the peak of health.


DNA2One of the first titles that we first got to enjoy in ’94 is now back in force on Viewster and we are above the moon thrilled to have this humorous oldie joining our ranks. DNA 2 follows the unlucky Junta as he attempts to try his best to get the ladies attention only to fail miserably; that is until he meets Karin. A benevolent time traveler who bestows upon him the powers of a playboy and he instantly becomes a chick magnet. Maybe it all too good to be true. In either event we highly recommend giving this anime a try, especially since you got the time with being sick and stuck in bed. DNA 2 can be enjoyed from the US!


Gunbuster 2: Where some may see this as a random oddity, we see this as classic animation in action and a phenomenal one to enjoy while isolated in a room, trying to feel better! Gunbuster 2 is an anime not quite like the rest. While defiantly not for the faint of heart (Or maybe younger audience members) Gunbuster 2 follows the story of Nono as she attempts to leave behind her country life style to become a pilot to help protect the universe and people she loves most! Gunbuster 2 can be enjoyed from these fine countries  CA, MX, US!


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?What’s better than finding sweet, sweet loot in a dungeon? How about trying to pick up a few girls while you’re at it! With Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon swinging in to our third recommended slot with it beautiful and quite humorous cast of trouble makers keeping us entertained while we lay in bed trying our best to feel less sick. Watching Bell Cranel blunder his way through the dungeon he is in while attempting to pick up the ladies is humorous and intriguing none-the-less and helps us to forget our sniffling nose and sick state. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon can be enjoyed from these fine countries AR, BR, CA, CO, MX, US, ZA, AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, FI, FR, LI, LU, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, RU, SE, TR, UA!

KillLaKill_Ep05_ImageStill_02cr copy

Kill la KillWhen it is time to show some skin with our hearts laid bare, we don’t care cause baby Kill la Kill is a rush of pure adrenaline! (Poor attempt at cleverly inserting song lyrics from GARNiDELiA’s Ambiguous Kill la Kill OP 2). Whether it is raining, snowing, the flu or worse Kill la Kill is always an anime that we can fall back on for the much needed strength that we lack. Watching the always awesome Ryuko Matoi grow and learn about her own person strengths each and every episode is just as exhilarating as the top notch combat and animation from studio TriggerKill la Kill can be enjoyed from these fine countries  AR, BR, CA, CO, MX, US!

k-on 15

K-OnA staple for us on days where we just want to feel happy and healthy K-On! is a title that really can hit all the high notes as well as a few low notes. The peppy atmosphere and the tried and tested art style from Kyoto Animation is just a delight. Watching the main protagonist Yui Hirasawa grow into a musically talented individual is just soothing to the soul and often helps to cure the worst of illnesses. K-On! Season 1 and 2 can be enjoyed from these fine countries  CA, US!

If you have some favorite shows to watch feel free to let us know! The quicker we get to feeling better, the quicker we can continue to work our best for you all! Hopefully these anime help in keeping you entertained while you cuddle up in bed with medicine, warm soup and cozy blankets!

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