3 Anime Worth Watching Tonight

We’ve all got “must-watch” lists pages and pages long, filled with titles we know we’ll likely never stream (or at least remember). Skip the list; these 3 anime are worth watching tonight.








One Week Friends is a classic in the making.

I love cheesy and typical romances, but this one is special. One Week Friends details the day to day lives of both Yuuki Has and Kaori Fujimiya.

Sadly, Kaori suffers from a special memory loss that resets her brain every week – she forgets new friends and some mundane stuff, but focus is on the friends aspect. So what does Yuuki do? He attempts to fix that by restarting their friendship, every single week.

It is cute, it is an emotional ride and it has everything I like in an anime. If you like a soft and sweet romance anime this one is a keeper.









Kyousougiga is a title that I feel deserves more love than it has received.

I’ve chatted about this anime before and by golly, I will talk more about it! Kyousougiga is just an artistic trip with a confusing story that’s admittedly bonkers, yet sensible. For me the artistic nature of this anime is what stands out most as an unearthed gem.

The anime’s focus is on Koto trying to find out where her father has run off to in a world known as Looking Glass City.

It meshes religion, family, duty and love into a beautiful tapestry that I think most will enjoy.






We Without Wings can unravel a person in a short matter of time with its fan service alone. (Honestly, it will beat you senseless.)

The anime follows three different people: Takashi, Shūsuke, and Hayato.Think a school vignette, bar vignette, and street vignette.

The animation is solid and the composition is not half bad either, but be forewarned: there are a lot of characters. It has twists and storylines that you end up falling in love with, and it’s addicting to watch each world intertwine with another.

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