Sony and Universal May Taint Anime


Y’know how the recent Ghost in the Shell remake was a financial disaster and nightmare for fans?

Get ready for more of that.

A recent Bloomberg article explains how Sony Pictures and Universal Studios are interested in buying Funimation, which is the largest anime distributor in the west. They were responsible for Your Name’s success in the west. In fact Your Name’s success is likely the reason Hollywood is interested.

So what happens if one of these corporate powerhouses buys Funimation? It means they’ll own the rights to a horde of your favorite anime shows and movies.

You may ask yourself, “So what?”

Hollywood anime fails

Hollywood sees the dollar signs that anime commands and they want a piece of the action. Problem is, they don’t understand anime. They don’t understand anime audiences either.

Want proof? Here ya go:

  • Dragon Ball Evolution
  • The Guyver
  • Fist of the North Star
  • Blood: The Last Vampire

Hollywood has a history of running great things into the ground while trying to milk them for every penny they can. It’s practically their business model.

But in this case, I have a theory as to their motivation…

My theory…

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony and Universal are┬átrying to pull a Marvel.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marvel changed the film industry by making movie adaptations of their comic characters that weren’t just worthy of the comics, they’re crazy successful. Comic fans are happy, moviegoers are happy, the studio is happy. Marvel Pictures is killing it.

Both Sony and Universal have had some success with the Marvel characters they bought the rights to (Sony with Spider-Man and Universal with The Hulk), but they don’t own any other good character rights. Marvel decided to make their own movies, so they’re not selling anymore superheroes off.

Hungry for more lovable characters to turn into summer blockbusters, Sony and Universal are setting their sights on anime. Anime has been steadily growing for nearly 30 years, and now it’s prime for the picking. And what better company to buyout than Funimation who already owns the rights to lots of popular anime.

That’s my official prediction. If true, I hope they’ll at least learn from Marvel and make movies that do justice to the shows they come from. Or better yet, I hope Funimation doesn’t sellout.

Do you see any good coming from this acquisition? Let us know in the comments below.



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