Sony’s Robotech Movie Gets Another New Director

Sony's Robotech Movie Gets Another New Director
(Source: Harmony Gold USA / YouTube)
Sony's Robotech Movie Gets Another New Director
(Source: Harmony Gold USA / YouTube)

The original Robotech anime was one of the first animated mecha Japanese shows to make the jump worldwide. It was also one of the first to bring along with all the adult drama from the original translation. A lot of adaptations don’t see the importance of keeping that content. For those in the dark, Robotech is the story of a future where we have invented giant robotic mech suits to defend the earth from repeated alien invasions.

Well a handful of years it was announced that Sony was actually going to move forward with their plans to make a big budget live-action adaptation of the series. Since then, there has been little to no updates or progress reported on the production until just a couple of days ago. It has been announced that the director of the highly anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT,” Andy Muschetti, will also now be stepping into the director chair for Sony‘s production of Robotech. 

More than one of us here at Viewster have stated the giant robot genre of Japanese entertainment is ripe for more adaptations than just the Transformers series of films. This is the first step in the slow crawl to the big screen. Over the past few years various people have been rumored to be attached; director James Wan was even attached before he got yanked over to the Aquaman movie. This could still fall apart, but Muschetti is a rising star. He is just the kind of hungry director to really dig into this world and be the supportive hand it needs to rise to the top of production priority. There are still no writers or actors attached, but if this thing really gets rolling then those can fall into place pretty quickly.

You can’t tell me there aren’t writers out there just waiting for the chance to turn in a giant robot versus aliens screenplay.

Every movie studio is looking for the next big franchise this could turn into one of the next ones. With any luck, even if Robotech could become something like the next Hunger Games or even like the last Power Rangers movie, which had its problem but was still better than a lot of other movies other. I know the most recent Power Rangers movie didn’t go over super well in the U.S., but it did well internationally…

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