Space Live: Battle Of The Beautiful Browser Babe

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If my internet browser was a hot chick, I wonder what she’d look like? And I wonder how she’d fare in a battle against other browsers?

These are questions that have puzzled even our most brilliant minds. Until now. Thanks to the generous souls over at Circus, we can finally find the answer in their new PC title, Space Live -Advent of the Net Idols, available on Steam.

The point of the game (not that I need one) is to prove your browser’s superiority over others. Why? Because in the year 2222 everyone lives in cyberspace and these competitions happen every 4 years. You take control of your favorite sexy character (each being a avatar for the world’s most popular browsers) and compete for world dominance in a brutally competitive, high stakes… beauty pageant.

But that’s not really the point, is it? It’s about scantily clad ladies being feisty, feeding otaku’s thirst for MOAR WAIFU.

A standard chick-click game. Circus is kinda known for them.

Anywho, lets meet at our lovely contestants, shall we?

SpaceLive_AI_E Name: AI E

Affiliation: Macro Space

Definitely NOT based on: Internet Explorer

Name: G Chrome

Affiliation: Goggle Space

Definitely NOT based on: Google Chrome

Name: Higitsune

Affiliation: Mosaic Space

Definitely NOT based on: Firefox

Name: Sarifa

Affiliation: AI Space

Definitely NOT based on: Stainless

Name: Tsukikage

Affiliation: Luna Space

Definitely NOT based on: Lunascape

I bet Internet Explorer loses every time. But then again, I’m a browser snob. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Stainless and Lunascape are popular Japanese browsers. But they’re not, y’know, Chrome. *posssshhhh*

Circus’ Space Live: Advent of the Net Idols is available now on Steam.

You already know who I think should win every time. Who’s your favorite browser Net Idol? Let us know in the comments.

Image source: Circus / Steam






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