Sports Collab Round-Up: “All-Out!!” and Gintama

(Source: MoCa-News)

When we think of anime collaborations in Japan, we often think of pop-up cafés. But that’s not the only place you can see anime collabs go down! Many sports teams in Japan have begun jumping on board the trend, offering cool anime-themed merch at specific home games. And some are upping the ante for the big game in 2019!

Gintama Goes Green for Tokyo Verdy


On August 20th, Tokyo Verdy played against V-Varren Nagasaki and won 2-1. But before a single player even took the field, Gintama fans were treated to some sweet surprises! The anime collaborated with the team to present some special art (seen here), which also made its way to a variety of limited-edition merch. Fans at the game could buy shirts, ticket holders, bags, and more featuring the key art. They could even grab Tokyo Verdy Jerseys emblazoned with their favorite characters’ names!

And for some extra fun, team mascot Verdy-kun teamed up with Elizabeth for some mascot antics.

Naturally, photo ops were a big part of the event. So life-sized cutouts of Gintama characters were available for selfies, too!

Going ALL OUT!! for 2019

(Source: MoCa-News)

Rugby fans in Japan are already gearing up for the 2019’s World Cup — and that includes the team of rugby anime ALL OUT!! On the same weekend as the game above, the popular anime series held a special event for Japan National Team fans.

For 6,800 yen a head, fans could attend the “Official Supporter Scrap”. The live event featured a talk show with the lead voice actors from the series. Two performances opened for fans to see the show’s cast live, and to support their country as the team begins to practice for the near future.

Also available were A2 size posters (as seen to the right), drawn up specifically for the event. While anyone could come to the Supporter Scrap, posters were available only to people who had signed up online as an official supporter of the Japan National team.

It looks like sports and anime continue to exist hand-in-hand in Japan! Which series would you like to see take the field next?



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