Step Into Rose of Versailles At The Art Trick Museum

Step Into Rose of Versailles At The Art Trick Museum

Ever wanted to share a scene with Lady Oscar? Rose of Versailles fans are head over heels for the return of the BeruBara rooms at the Art Trick Museum. These unique displays put them right in the middle of the anime alongside their favorite characters!

What’s an Art Trick?

Step Into Rose of Versailles At The Art Trick Museum
(Source: / Yokohama Daisekai)

Yokohama Daisekai is an entertainment venue full of unique exhibits, and their Art Trick Museum is an enduring favorite. The attraction features life-sized scenes that visitors can step into for unbelievable photo ops. Pose in and around classic works of art, become part of optical illusions, and escape from sharks and dinosaurs!

The museum does it with clever paint jobs and just the right camera angles. They’ve been an enduring favorite for several years, with attractions bringing attendees closer to the art than most museums. Who doesn’t want to be part of the exhibit?

There’s also a “laser art” theater, where light and sound come together to make mesmerizing effects. So no matter what sort of visual art you’re into, there’s something exciting and interactive to experience.

Return to Versailles

Step Into Rose of Versailles At The Art Trick Museum
(Source: / Yokohama Daisekai)

This isn’t the museum’s first collaboration with Rose of Versailles. The vintage anime has been part of the exhibit once before, allowing visitors to rub shoulders with Oscar and Andre. The return of the exhibit includes a third photo op: a shoujo-sparkled scene in which Oscar holds you in the palm of her hand.

Want to make the photo even better? Their costume rental shop (yep, there’s one of those, too) has Oscar and Marie’s costumes on hand. Dress up and become part of the historical scene!

The Rose of Versailles rooms won’t be back forever, though. The museum hasn’t given an end date, but they have pointed out that it is a limited run. So if you’re planning a trip to Japan to see the anime sights, you might want to go as soon as possible!

Which anime character would you like to share a photo with? Let us know in the comments!

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