Steve Ahn’s Blossom Detective Holmes In The Works

blossom detective holmes
(Source: Steven Ahn)

Breakout Korean artist and director Steve Ahn has more goodies in his bag of anime treats… Especially after leaving  us wanting more with Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix.

Ahn’s next upcoming project is titled Blossom Detective Holmes, and it’s a twist on Sherlock Holmes.

In this oddball comedy, Skylar Holmes is a cute young detective with a sense of smell so powerful she can relive crimes by smelling the crime scene. Toucan Sam, anyone? Her best friend and loyal sidekick is Jamie, a “meticulous girl” who uses logic and reason to aid in their cases. Of course, she also has a magic camera that can teleport them anywhere in the world just by taking a selfie. Unfortunately, she often warps them into unusual places on accident.

Check out the teaser right here:

Ahn’s team of artists and animators have an impressive background – having worked with studios like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and Ghibli. With talent like that, the show’s gonna be good.

They successfully funded the project’s first financial goal in January via Kickstarter, and the second episode goal in February. But there are many other financial goals to reach if we want to see the rest of the episodes, an English dub, or video intros/endings. Their largest stretch goal ($500,000) is hiring a K-Pop group to contribute the theme music!

The crowdfunding campaign is still accepting donations, so toss a few bucks Ahn’s way if you want to help bring this new series into the world. They’re offering a bunch of schwag and rewards to donators, including shirts, posters, and art books.

If you’re interested in seeing how the show is progressing, check out their Tumblr page. They share updates, storyboards, and promotional artwork on the regular.


(Source: Steve Ahn)

After watching Voltron, I’m all in Blossom Detective. Ahn sold me. Not only is the animation fun and expressive, but he provides a breath of fresh air into anime. Funny as hell too.

Ep. 1 of Blossom Detective Holmes targeting summer ’18 release.

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