Story crafting is what makes an anime memorable!

Story crafting is an essential addition to any movie, game, show, anime, manga or table-top game. As such it makes sense that we try to provide anime with a certain amount of storytelling in order to keep an audience hooked. This can further interest them in the series as a whole or it can get them talking about anime that newcomers would find interesting or attractive. An anime that can hook you with an intriguing story is more than anyone could could ask for when enjoying their favorite medium of entertainment. Anime like Durarara, FLIP FLAPPERS, Girlish Number or Toradora have a certain bit of flavor about them that helps to lift them above the rest. It gives them a shot at being able to tell their narrative in a manner that is audience engaging and thought provoking.

Flip Flappers

It really shouldn’t need explanation, but I still find it to be a topic of interest as anime has so much at its grasp in the terms of story development. While the genre and character personality types may be the same from show to show, the story behind the anime, the nuts and bolts of the show is at its core uniquely its own. Show’s like Durarara have such amazingly crafted stories that you just keep wanting to watch the show and learn more about them. Learning the motivations, the weaknesses of every character that we get to interact with is just jaw-dropping fun and addicting. It’s what got me into long running anime to begin with. It’s why I can always go back to recommending this title regardless; all because it has the story crafting to back it up. Now don’t get me wrong, Durarara isn’t perfect as many would argue that anime anime like Toradora or Kill la Kill has a much better base for story crafting. I would argue that you are right. Every anime has its own way of crafting a story and it can be expressed in just as many ways as there are anime available for consumption.

The story can rely on romance, heartbreak, violence, fan-service or comedy to bring us a uniquely crafted story that give us a reason to fall in love with that anime or not. Frankly as easy as it is to make a great story, that story can be bogged down through issues of lacking comedy, character development or maybe just ludicrous amounts of fan-service. These issues can bring down the storytelling potential of an anime and leave you as the viewer feeling as if you missed out on your chance at finding that perfect anime. While the mass majority may not agree with your opinion on an anime, some will still manage to find enjoyment out of any type of anime and can present an argument for why that title was worth watching for the amount of story content. The anime itself doesn’t even need to focus on the actual story aspect to craft one. It can simply be created through the use of action, backdrops or subtle tid-bits of information that trickle in through the show. It would best be compared to playing a role-playing game and having an open world with tiny bits of detail sprawled all through out the land. Those bits can tell a story all their own or they can add to the larger picture. It is from here that we can craft a more personable story that the audience can interact with and take interest in. 

Durararara 1

Surely you have seen an anime or two that gave you a fantastic story to chew on! Granted we all feel differently on the matter of what makes for a better story, but we can all agree on the fact that it is the story that keeps us hooked and entertained for generations. Feel free to let us know what you thought about the anime by leaving us a comment down below!

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