Strike Away: Atlus Hitting P5 Streamers With Copyright Strikes!

Imagine this, you are a perspective or maybe big time YouTuber/Streamer and you get hold of a little known title called, Persona 5 and you think to yourself, “Man, I bet I could get some sweet views and make some awesome content with this little guy!” So you pop your disc in, fire up the elgato and start churning out episode after episode. One problem: You played past the in-game date of 7/7 and now you got a stinking copyright claim from Atlus sitting in your inbox. What. The. Actual. Heck.

These bars are looking mighty comfy. Image sourced from Persona 5 by Atlus/Atlus USA

Sadly you don’t have to imagine this scenario because Atlus has made this pretty much official. As laid out here, Atlus is handing out copyright strikes and claims to anyone who dares set foot past 7/7 while streaming or showing off a LP series. This just doesn’t make practical sense and yet it does for some reasons. The biggest thing that hurts niche JRPG titles like Persona is lack of sales or lack of interest (trust us this game wasn’t lacking in interest) and this makes sense for Atlus not wanting the community to show off large swaths of material and to help maintain a spoiler-free environment.
Where this doesn’t make sense is in the fact that streams would block potential customers from buying. While this is a good thing to be concerned about, there is actually a positive application to streams and LP’s: They encourage purchases. Many a colleague that we know have gotten into games through streams. Since game demos have long since vanished (They are making a comeback) it is hard for someone to drop 59.99USD on a title that they may have no experience with. Sure they could just play it risky and just go for it, but we love to be informed and to figure out if this is something that we would seriously enjoy; thus we watch others play those games so we don’t have to break the bank on a title that is just ‘meh’ to us.

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