Super Mario Cereal Offers More Than Just Marshmallows

Super Mario Cereal Offers More Than Just Marshmallows
(Source:: Nintendo / Kellog)

Your breakfast-time dreams have come true; Nintendo now offers a new Super Mario Cereal in a collaboration with Kellogg.

From its early reviews, it’s basically a Mario-ized version of Lucky Charms with the mushrooms, Mario cap, and prize boxes as the marshmallows. Also, all of the oat bits are star shaped, but don’t expect any invincibility. The marshmallows do have a reportedly strong berry taste and smell that could be over-powering, but funky flavor is nothing ground breaking in the world of cereal. Sure, the taste of the Super Mario charms has been called adequate, but the real prize here is the extra game content that you can mine from the box itself.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and the new Super Mario Odyssey then you can scan the box’s amiibo tag and unlock some features within the game. This is an interesting merchandising offer from Nintendo. How are they not selling Super Mario themed caps that talk to you as a tie-in for Super Mario Odyssey, by the way? Technically you don’t even need to buy the box to scan and earn the amiibo, but I’m not advising you to sneak your Switch into the grocery store for a sugary Super Mario heist. I mean the cereal market isn’t the biggest in the world, but this does sound like something kids would love once they see it on the shelf. Putting Mario’s face on anything is going to guarantee some sales.

The boxes are being released in a limited edition so you might want to jump on this if you really want to taste these little hats and mushrooms. This could become a collector’s item someday, but if you are expecting an exciting breakfast experience then prepare to be disappointed.

Note: This box won’t earn you a tanooki suit or the ability to throw fireballs. 

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