Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Secrets

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The latest in the long line of Mario games, Super Mario Odyssey is receiving high marks across the board. Most video game reviewing sites are giving it either a 9.5 or 10 out of 10. Our favorite plumber might have a sordid past but, it’s safe to say that Mario can feel secure in his place at the top. This new game was made for the Nintendo Switch and it’s meant for the die-hard fans of the franchise. There are many clear references to the older games. The structure of the game play itself as you explore the free roaming exploration based level designs actually appeal less to the casual gamer and more to someone with the time to delve deeper.

The game hasn’t been out long, but here are some of the secrets, tips, & tricks people have discovered so far.

Victory Pose: This first one is a pretty small reference, but it is a nicely nostalgic one. In Odyssey, whenever Mario gets a power moon he always makes a victory pose. This has been a mainstay throughout the franchise, but in this game you might see that he actually always chooses one of three poses and each one is a reference to a former Super Mario game. One pose is the peace with two of his fingers which how Mario would pose in Super Mario 64 whenever he got a star. Another is an open hand, just like the open hand victory pose from Super Mario Sunshine. Finally, the closed fist is from Super Mario Galaxy.

Alternate Outfits: Odyssey features many different wardrobe changes for Mario and while of some them are classics everyone knows like the Diddy Kong onesie, a few of them are hinting at some of the more obscure games Mario has appeared in. The Mechanic outfit that you can purchase at the Crazy Cap store is a reference to a game called Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally where and Mario and Luigi appeared in the instruction manual. Also, the Poncho outfit is a reference to the Game Boy version of the arcade game known as Qix where he appeared as a sort of mariachi playing his guitar in the middle of the dessert.

Game Breaking: This game is asking for players to break it and rewards you for doing so. The jumping has been a basic building block of the Super Mario franchise since the beginning and now they have stretched them ever further. Players can explore even the levels they are playing through. By going off the path, you might find a pile of gold coins waiting for you and feel like the game developers are giving you a knowing wink as they expected people to try crazy things.

Lady Goombas: Occasionally, you might see a large amount of goombas in one area. It is likely that this means a lady goomba is nearby and you might be able to earn her affection. If you can approach her disguised as a stack of goombas then you will receive another hidden moon for your trouble.

Over 800 Moons: Like every Mario game that came before it, Odyssey requires you to collect the power-ups to progress through the game. This time you are collecting Moons to fuel the Odyssey ship as you travel around and there are way more moons than the story leads you to believe. To take a look at your progress on those moons, just press minus and then Y to pull up the list menu. This list will show where and when you got each moon you already have and show you many are missing. It turns out each level has many more moons hidden it than you necessarily need to progress forward.

Some of the special moons will only be accessible by entering an area while wearing the correct outfit and others can be found by hunting down clues. Once you beat the main boss for a given level, don’t just run off to the next area. Stick around and look for a blue headed toad. If you speak with them, they can give you the exact location on your map where another moon can be found.

To be frank, Super Mario Odyssey is a massive game with so many opportunities to explore and enjoy the new spin on the age old character. I hope these tips and secrets help you enjoy the game even more.

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