Super Nintendo World At Universal Studios Coming Soon!

super nintendo world

Ever wished Mario Kart was real? Of course you have – everyone who’s ever played the game wishes they could drive go-carts while hurling turtle shells at their friends. Lucky for you,  your wish will soon be granted with Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios, Tokyo.

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Universal Studios announced plans for a Nintendo themed section of their Universal Studios parks back in November, but details on the attractions have remained unknown. Until now.

Park planners filed trademarks for several Nintendo properties which give us insights into what they’ve got planned.

First, and best, there will likely be a Mario Kart ride. It could be a roller coaster, seated group ride, or possibly, actual cart racing! Whichever they choose, there had better be banana peels… 🍌

Additionally, the park may host video game competitions. Perhaps an auditorium for gamers to watch some Super Smash Bros brawls?

Another interesting trademark implies you can play app games inside the park grounds, available over a localized network. What could that imply? It could be an in-park game, à la Pokemon Go!, or they may make games available to visitors to help pass the time while waiting in line. Either way, you’ll have non-stop sensory overload on video games.

The park also features some standard fanfare, like themed hotels and restaurants. I’m looking forward to all the restaurant dishes with labored, pun-names. Princess Peach cobbler? Luigi’s spaghetti with meatballs? Or perhaps you’d prefer a Pikachu pork chop? And if there is room decorated like Bowser’s castle, it’s mine.

There will be an unimaginable amount of Nintendo merchandise for sale, as you might imagine. From clothing and fashion accessories to books, towels, and lunch-boxes: if you want it, you’ll probably find it here.

Super Nintendo World’s grand opening is still up in the air, but they stated they want the Tokyo park open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando will get a similar attraction sometime in the future, but no details or opening dates have been announced yet.

You still have a few years to plan your trip, so relax and think about all the costumed characters you’ll see roaming the streets of this gaming wonderland. Go ahead and buy tickets now though.

Quick Poll: Would you plan a trip to Japan just to see Super Nintendo World? Let us know below.



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