Super Seducer: Super Sleezy Or Much Ado About Nothing?

super seducer

I guess this is now a thing. We already had dating simulation games (think Hatoful Boyfriend) and dating erotic games (à la HuniePop) but we didn’t have dating training games. …Now we do.

Super Seducer aims to train men how to have more confidence, charisma, and charm with women.

Before I rant, check out the trailer:


A game that helps build confidence is totally fine! I have no problem with it. Many guys could use more confidence.

But Super Seducer takes things a little further…

The game is made by Richard La Ruina, a PUA (short for Pick Up Artist).

The PUA sub-culture became a thing about a decade ago with help from books like The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss and The Mystery Method by Erik von Markovik.

PUA’s purpose is pretty singularly – learn and practice psychological tactics to pick up women. Some PUAs make the distinction that these tactics are really just meant to give men confidence, while others are more cavalier in admitting that it’s actually just about getting girls to give it up.


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