Switch Users: Beware Of The Warp

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You probably heard the rumor, but it’s officially true. To our beloved early adopters of the Nintendo Switch: your console is warping.

One ultra clever Reddit user reported a slight bend in his console after leaving it in the dock for several days. As we all know after playing our favorite game for hours on end, your favorite console gets damn hot, no matter how hard those little fans crank.

This ultra portable gaming machine seemingly suffers from poor heat dissipation, leaving it smiling (or frowning) at you over time.

To the gaming loyalists that just haven’t gotten their hands on this device yet: Consider yourself unintentionally lucky. We’re crossing our fingers that this problem gets resolved by the lords of Nintendo, ASAP.

Check out more of the terribly saddening details over at GamesRadar.com… And maybe just play a board game tonight instead.



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