“Tap Hina Logic” Puts Magical Girl Fights in the Palm of Your Hand

Source: Bushiroad

Want to lead an army of magical girls into battle? Short of making some dubious alien contracts, there aren’t many ways to do that. But thanks to Bushiroad, the smartphone game Tap Hina Logic is now available in English for rapid-fire battle action!

The Power of Logic

"Tap Hina Logic" Puts Magical Girl Fights in the Palm of Your HandIn the world of Luck & Logic, magic users known as Logicalists fight to keep humanity safe from otherworldly Foreigners. However, they achieve this with help from Foreigners of different dimensions. Logicalists enter a “Trance” with their contracted Foreigner… enabling them to transform and fight together as one.

The mixed media title premiered from Bushiroad in 2016, and has since released several tie-ins. Last year’s Hina Logic ~From Luck & Logic~ returned to the world of the franchise, following the sweet princess Lion as she learned to Trance with a new Foreigner.

What was originally a TCG has turned into multiple anime series… and is now returning to the game world! And for the first time, English speakers can enjoy the fun of fast-paced Logicalist action.

Enter the Game

"Tap Hina Logic" Puts Magical Girl Fights in the Palm of Your HandTap Hina Logic will be a test of strategy, quick thinking, and that all-important tapping finger!

Everything happens at breakneck speed in the mobile game. Tap enemies (via cards) to earn points, then use those points to obtain Logicalists and Foreigners. Team them up with each other, and they can attack for you — which means less tapping for you.

Though we recommend you work on those bosses — because they fight back!

If you’re a fan of the art style, you’ll want to keep playing to see the hundreds of different Logicalists you can fight and befriend. But you’ll have to look fast.

The game is free to play with optional in-game purchases. But if you want to speed things up and don’t have money to spend, there’s also the option to watch video ads. Just look for the baby chick to wander by onscreen.

You can grab Tap Hina Logic right now for iOS and Android.

Want to see more magical girl fights out there?? Let us know in the comments!

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