Tetsuro’s Most F*cked Up Moments In Galaxy Express 999

Tetsuro's Most F*cked Up Moments In Galaxy Express 999
Seen here: Tetsuro witnessing another loved one die. Must be Wednesday.

*This article spoils the entirety of Galaxy Express 999.*

My review of Galaxy Express 999 may have made it seem like an easy-going action flick, but the truth is there are a number of moments in this movie that made me go, “Jeeeesus Christ“. Years from now, I’ll still be thinking about the horrible things ten-year-old Tetsuro Hoshino experiences in this movie.

Here are Tetsuro’s 6 most f*cked up moments; because 5 wouldn’t do this movie justice.

6. He witnesses two of his friends blow themselves up to save him.

The first suicide bombing comes at the expense of Antares. Earlier in the movie, Antares reveals many unexploded bullets in his midsection via x-ray. Then during the battle with Count Mecha, Antares allows himself to be shot so he can blow up Mecha’s protective barrier. And boy, he really explodes.

Tetsuro's Most F*cked Up Moments In Galaxy Express 999

The second suicide bombing comes via Claire, who grabs Maetel’s mother as she is choking Tetsuro to death. Her final words before self-destructing are “Goodbye, Tetsuro. Goodbye. My one and only friend. I loved you.” Jesus…

5. Maetel’s lack of situational awareness.

After Claire blows up, we see Tetsuro looking out a window as the Conductor lets Claire’s ashes fly out of a dustpan. But it wouldn’t have made the list if Maetel didn’t say, “And that is all that remains of Claire, who gave her life to save you.” Real nice, Maetel.

4. Euthanizing his friend.

Sure, Tochiro was going to die anyway, but he makes Tetsuro pull the lever. Tetsuro begs not to do it, but Tochiro pleads with him to pull it. Traumatizing for sure.

3. Maetel’s betrayal. 

Tetsuro's Most F*cked Up Moments In Galaxy Express 999
Reeeeal nice, Maetel.

Throughout the movie, Tetsuro sees Maetel as a mother figure. One of the very first things he remarks to her is how much she looks like his mother. Maetel keeps him safe and even keeps him warm when he’s cold (in a remarkably similar way to how his mother did). Sure, we see the betrayal coming from a mile away, but Tetsuro doesn’t. Five minutes in movie time before Maetel betrays him, he asks if he can stay with her when they get back to Earth. It destroys him.

2. He witnesses his mother murdered before his very eyes.

Mother killing isn’t new territory. Heck, Bambi’s mom was offed in 1942. So why is this number two? After Tetsuro sees her get shot, he runs and hides. And then he sees his mother gets stripped naked and hauled off by her murderer. I bet Tetsuro thought he’d never see anything more f*cked up. Well…

1. He sees his mother mounted to a wall.

Tetsuro's Most F*cked Up Moments In Galaxy Express 999
Nightmare fuel.

Once Tetsuro infiltrates the Time Castle, he stumbles through a couple rooms before encountering Count Mecha’s trophy room. And God damn, I did not see this coming. Mounted above a giant fireplace is his mother. Still naked. Hands and legs chopped off. Her terrifyingly white and lifeless eyes. The damn scene gives me chills just because of her eyes.

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