That Meme You Like Is Coming Back: 10 Years Of “Caramelldansen”

That Meme You Like Is Coming Back: 10 Years Of "Caramelldansen"
Source: Caramella Girls on YouTube

We’re celebrating notable anniversaries left and right this year. Our favorite creators have been in the industry for 30 years, shows we love are 40 years old…and a formative anime meme just turned 10.

Yes, believe it or not, that weird boppy bunny-ear dance is a decade old. And to celebrate, the reformed group behind it just released an extremely self-aware remix.

The Beginnings

“Caramelldansen” traces its roots not to Japan, but to Sweden. Europop group Caramell released the single in 2002, and it sounded a bit different from what we’re used to. The original version (above) clocked in at a much less hyper speed. The poppy dance tune ended up becoming their most popular release.

That same year, Japan gave us Popotan. The opening of the adult visual novel (below, and it’s definitely — NSFW) featured its characters bopping along to the game’s theme. Naturally, fans turned clips into gifs… and before long, the two storms collided, with a sped-up “Caramelldansen” accompanying a loop of one of the gifs.

2007 boasted what some called the “Uma Uma Boom” — “uma uma” being the Japanese mondegreen of the “ua-ua” bit of the lyrics. And suddenly, everyone was making their own variants of the dance. Animators plugged original characters and fan favorites in via tracing. It spread like wildfire, and even in the US, fans could be seen breaking into the “dance” in convention hallways.

But all this happened after Caramell’s time: they disbanded in 2002.


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