The Awkward Side Of Cosplay

superman lego cosplay

We’ve all got our favorite cosplayers (Phil Mizuno, anyone…?!), our favorite characters, that costume you’ve been dying to put together.

So much thought, blood, and many many tears go into these works of art. What you never hear, however; is the dark side of cosplay.

Oh yes, it exists.

Altered busts, body makeup that leaves your skin blue, RIPPED TIGHTS (DAMMIT, NOT ANOTHER PAIR) – they’re all things to look out for during your cosplay journey.

Check out a few of our favorite posts below to avoid the madness and keep it awesome:

  1. cosplay underwearUnfortunately, we’re not all built like our favorite comic book or anime character. When it comes down to modifying a bust-line (you too, boys), picking out undies or even working out which pair of tights is best – Look no further.
  2. When you’re striving to get into it professionally, you’re gonna hit a few snags down the road. By snags, we mean cancelled guest appearances, costume malfunctions.. Tangled wigs. And when the cosplay game gets tough no one GREYZUNO makeup ututorialhandles it better than our very own Phil Mizuno (bias aside).
  3. Makeup. There’s not too much to say here aside from the fact that it requires PURE ARTISTRY. Luckily, we’ve got a 6 minute tutorial from #GREYZUNO that’ll blow your effing mind (and make you laugh a little)



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