The Best Father Figures in Anime

June 21st was Father’s Day in the United States. It’s the day where we celebrate the men in our lives who teach us to be the best that we can be. Sometimes though those people that we refer to as ‘dad’, aren’t actually our dads at all though. Sometimes they are brothers or uncles or even someone who has no blood relation to us at all, and those are the men that I’m choosing to celebrate today. The men who may not actually be fathers themselves but have stepped in to fill that role and done so with pride, honor and dignity.


Leicester Maycraft

Blessing of the Campanella

Minette might be a puppet but she’s still his daughter and he still takes the job of raising her to be a proper young lady very seriously. Leicester is a smart young man and while he might be a bit too protective, he still knows when to back off and let his daughter be herself which is just as important.

Blessings of the Campanella

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Sword Art Online

As with Minette, Yui is only technically his daughter after he and Asuna find her alone in the forest and adopt her but Kirito is still excellent father material because of how much he loves spending time with her. Some dads will spend a minimal amount of time with their children and then leave them to their own devices but Kirito makes sure that Yui knows that she’s always loved by spending as much time with her as he can and that’s not nothing.



Kiritsugu Emiya

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

Before he saved Shirou from the fire and rubble, Kiritsugu could be seen as a pretty twisted and evil man. However once he found a life that he could save he mellowed out and became the man that we all knew that he could be. Despite his feelings that he failed at become a hero of justice, he inspired Shirou to do just that and thus created the hero of Unlimited Blade Works that we’ve came to know and love.

Fate stay/night

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Gugure Kokkuri-san

Sure, he was originally there to haunt the poor little girl but once he saw her living off of nothing but ramen and having no friends he knew that something had to be done. Over the course of the series, Kokkuri-san manages to be an excellent and protective father for Kohina and for that I salute him.




Heroic Legend of Arslan

Prince Arslan has a real father sure but that real father is too busy ruling his kingdom and conquering other lands to pay any real attention to his son. When it really hits the fan, Arslan finds himself protected by the amazing Daryun who has shown that even bodyguards can be father figures.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

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Daikichi Kawachi

Usagi Drop

In this series, Daikichi lives a perfectly normal salaryman life until he learns that his grandfather had a child out of wedlock with his nurse and no one is willing to take her in. That’s when Daikichi steps up and actually gives up his entire life to raise this sweet little girl who just wants someone to love her and raise her. That’s more than just admirable, that’s pretty damn amazing.


Tenka Kumou

Laughing Under The Clouds

Sure he might actually be the eldest brother but when their parents were killed, Tenka stepped up and took charge giving his younger brothers the love and guidance they needed in order to be successful at life and become decent human beings.

Laughing under the Clouds

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Coyote Ragtime Show

Another man who doesn’t actually have any real blood relation to his daughter, Mister might come across as someone who is only after himself but in reality Mister is a caring man who really does want what is best for Franca. Stopping at nothing to keep her safe, Mister is a man among men.



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