The End of OMAKASE

Dear OMAKASE subscribers,

Last year, we launched OMAKASE to transform the way people experience the lifestyle of anime, manga, and Japanese video games. Starting with Kill la Kill, then Naruto Shippuden, and finally through Hatsune Miku, OMAKASE presented a curated experience for fans in this space like no other. Today, though, we are extremely sad to inform you that we will be discontinuing the OMAKASE subscription service, effective as of March 24th.

We are proud of the dynamic and completely original celebration of Hatsune Miku that we have created, which will start shipping on March 25, 2016 as originally planned. This will be the final box that OMAKASE sends out under our subscription. We want to make it clear that everyone who subscribed will receive proper customer support, and that as of March 24, 2016 the credit cards of our customers will not be charged.

The positive feedback we have received leading up to and since the launch of OMAKASE has been amazing. Each event, livestream, tweet, post, and other kind interaction with the fans meant the world to us, and we are grateful for all the all the support we received.

Current OMAKASE subscribers will continue to have access to all their digital content as part of their subscription up until their expiration date. Viewster is, and continues to be, a major player in video streaming across the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world, streaming a broad catalog of video titles from anime to horror to action and more. Keep your eyes out for what Viewster does next.




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  • It was a fun time, I’m really sorry to see you go, I wish it could have worked out better, I was a big fan of your product.

    Out of curiosity is there any chance that you’ll release the final KLK volume in hardcover to go along with the other two when it releases?

  • Thanks for letting us know. It’s kinda a shame cause I only just started subscribing and I wanted to know what else you had planned after Hatsune Miku, but I’m still glad to be expecting my Box soon.

    • Me too, I just subscribed and I was looking forward to what the next box would hold. I’m sad to see this service go, the selection of anime and comics has been pretty good so far was well.

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  • Sorry to see you guys go! Although you guys just started, I wish you well in future endeavors! Perhaps you’ll one day come back to us! 🙂

  • Such a shame, the Naruto box really lifted my spirits and I was looking forward to every couple of months having something nice delivered. Maybe one day Viewster will come back to us with something else?

  • Say it isn’t so!! Although a new subscribers I am saddened to see this, as it was the first subscription box that fit me so perfectly, I wish I had of see you guys earlier as I would have subscribed at KILL LA KILL!! again I am very sad to see this ????????????????????

  • Subscribed since the beginning and I can say Omakase was TOTES, EXTREAMLY, 100%, BETTER GREATER AND AWESOMATIC than any of Loot Crate’s boxes and any of Nerd Block’s. I am sad to see it go. I hope that someday in the future it comes back. You all did so awesome with it and it brightened my day any time I say your box in the mail. If I had the capital I would have helped save it. But alas that was not the case. Here’s hoping this isn’t really Omakase’s last stand. After all Final Fantasy was supposed to be the final game for Square back in the day. There’s always hope.

  • What happens to our subscriptions? All the digital and credit card bi-monthly billing ends too? Whats going on? Can we still watch shows?!?

    • Your subscriptions will not renew, if your card has already been billed for this current edition of OMAKASE, you will never be charged again. Your ad-free viewing experience will continue for 2 months after your last renewal. After that, our entire catalog will still be available for viewing for a long time to come!

      • I cancelled my subscription but was still billed for what I now understand will be the final box. I’ve sent several emails to the company, without any response, and as it’s nearly a week now, I will be looking into filing a fraud charge for the $35 taken from my account. Who do I need to talk to about getting my money back? I used a Paypal debit card and will be filing the fraud charge with Paypal in 24 hours. I figure I’ll give you time to straighten things out.

    • We are still shipping out Kill la Kill vol. 2 mangas to eligible subscribers, they will be sent following the Miku edition.

      • do you have any of the first box left as i was unable to purchase it at the time but still really wanted to have it in my collection and wished to have more im sad to see you going soo soon but will hope you will one day return

        • Hey, keep following the blog and our twitter/facebook. If we ever decide to reissue old editions of OMAKASE, you’ll hear about it on our social accounts!

  • This kinda stinks, this is the first box I signed up for, was looking foward to being able to get more into things like this and its sad to see that it’s the only one I’ll get. 🙁

  • will there be an ad-free HD streaming option in the future? Not looking forward to the return of annoying ads when my Omakase sub ends >:(

  • Aww I’m sad, this is my second box and I was really hoping for it to continue. I do hope you guys do come back.

  • Given the poor way the company handles subscriptions, it’s no wonder. I cancelled my subscription, but was still charged for the Miku box. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact the company about getting my payment returned. My next step is to file a fraud charge against them, which is the last thing I really want to do, but I feel I’ve been cheated. At least I know this will be the only fraudulent charge they’ll make against my account, since this is the last box.

  • My boyfriend couldn’t even login to his account recently to cancel his sub before the payment came out of his card….can’t even find a real way to contact them for a refund….definitely gonna have to get them for fraud….:/ we spent the past few days trying to login continuously and send emails for help…and nothing….how ridiculous

  • It’s so sad, the box was great if only it was managed better it could of became something amazing. Either way I’m looking forward to the miku box

  • Man this really sucks.
    I literally just found this and was also looking forward to what was next after the miku box..
    Well I’m glad I manage to get one before the end date.

  • I subscribed for the full term of the Omakaze run but never received the Hatsune Miku box. Who should I contact about that?

    • Hey Calum, Our records show that your subscription was cancelled on December 23rd and you were not charged for the Miku box. Please double check with your bank if you were somehow charged. Please feel free to send us a private message on FB or Twitter as well 🙂

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