The Future Is Here: Arcade Games That Dispense Candy

snackade The Future Is Here: Arcade Games That Dispense Candy
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Just when you think life can’t get any better for gamers… Some mad genius goes and does something legendary.

Want to make playing retro games even better? You make arcade games that spit out candy and snacks for players as they play! For real, this brings a tear to my eye.

Behold the Snackade!

This monster sized arcade is set up to play old-school favorites – like Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong Country, Pacman, and others. As you play, a conveyor belt delivers treats to you.

And the best part is that the treats you receive are tied to the game you’re playing. Racking up a high score on Donkey Kong? You get banana candies and actual bananas. Grabbing coins on Mario? The machine feeds out chocolate coins! The only downfall is you’d have to stop playing to collect your treats, so bring a friend to help out.

The team who came up with this brilliant concept are some savvy gaming entrepreneurs from Brunswick.

These are the same minds that brought us Jafflechutes, the food service that delivers toasted sandwiches directly to you via parachutes. I’m really not kidding here, they’d throw sandwiches attached to parachutes off buildings.

Need proof of this madness? Here ya go:

While Jafflechutes is no longer in business (not terribly surprising), Snackade might be around for awhile. Co-founder Adam Grant told Broadsheet magazine they hope to make appearances at festivals and gaming events. And in case you’re wondering, their inspiration for Snackade came from Pacman (the all-time king of eating)! I think Snackade should become inspiration, itself, for a new kind of arcade – one where every game spits out grub. Forget pay to play, let’s play to eat!

Whad’ya think of these arcade games? Cool idea you’d like to see at E3 this year, or just a gimmick to grab some quick attention? Let us know in the comments.

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