The Heroes of “BEATLESS” Give You a Cybersecurity Check

The Heroes of "BEATLESS" Give You a Cybersecurity Check
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Do you know how to ready yourself for the robot uprising? If not, the NISC of Japan wants to help — and they’re enlisting the team behind BEATLESS to drive the point home.

Can a robot girl teach you the finer points of cybersecurity? They seem to think so!

The Story of BEATLESS

100 years from now, artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence — according to BEATLESS, that is. The light novel series follows Arato, a human boy who meets an artificial human known as a hIE. This particular hIE, named Lacia, ends up becoming Arato’s property. And through this meeting, Arato starts to uncover the secrets of this world’s artificial intelligence.

The Heroes of "BEATLESS" Give You a Cybersecurity Check
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The series is penned by Satoshi Hase and illustrated by Redjuice. The light novel series has gone on to inspire both manga and anime adaptations. The latter currently runs worldwide on Amazon Prime.

We may not be up against hyperintelligent AI (yet), but the landscape is definitely changing when it comes to safety in a digital world. So how can we project ourselves? As it happens, the BEATLESS team is here to help spread advice.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

March is Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Japan, and the National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) wants to help people prepare. To do so, they joined forces with BEATLESS for a live talk event.

The Heroes of "BEATLESS" Give You a Cybersecurity Check
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Fans enjoyed interviews with series voice actors Nao Toyama and Ono Saki. Then, later, things got a little more serious. Guests discussed the state of cybersecurity and how we can continue to protect ourselves in the modern world. Light novel writer Satoshi Hase was also on hand for the panel discussion.

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