The Internet is awesome. Also: Toronto Real Estate Don Digs Viewster

Praise the internet. As in, praise it even more than you already do by being a slave to the thing, for most of your waking hours. For inspiration, I just sacrificed a post-it note at the aid of our shredder, and am organising a courtyard chant dance later on. Fairly poor 21st-century-worshipping, but still.

And for what? Well, because without it, we would’ve never stumbled upon Richard Silver. You know, Richard Silver, the incomparable real estate emperor of Toronto. Richard happens to think we’ve got one of the best movie apps on the market, and he just recently popped up in our Twitter feed when posting this blog. Quick snippet:

“Chances are I’ll find what I’m looking for here. My favourite films to watch on Viewster are the Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton silents. I haven’t been able to find these kinds of films on the more mainstream apps like Netflix because, unfortunately, there is not much demand for them there. This is what makes Viewster so great—especially for people like me who love old movies so much.”

I’m really just writing this post to let you know that Richard rocks. If you’re looking for a place in Toronto, hit him up. And if you’re looking for us, we’re here (iOS) and here (Android).


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