Japan vs. USA Giant Robot Battle Has A Winner

Japan vs. USA Giant Robot Duel Scheduled This Month
(Source: Megabots, Inc. / youtube)

The American robotics company Megabots, Inc and the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries (SHI) finally threw down with one another. It was to be the Mark II vs the Kuratas. The American robot was predictably big, heavy, and did a lot of damage. The Japanese robot was also predictably sleek, fast and a precise fighter.

The giant robot fight streamed on Twitch on Oct. 17th and it proved that we all have a ways to go before we’re taking to the skies in mech suits. If you’ve seen an episode of Battlebots then I think you know what to expect. This wasn’t Pacific Rim, but it was probably the biggest robot fight we’ve ever seen to date.

The battle was split into multiple rounds to allow the different crews time to repair their bots between bouts. The battle video is 26 minutes long but the actual fight took place over several days while repairs were made and the fights took place. Each round’s winner was decided by if either giant robot got knocked down or one of the team calls uncle. The first round ended in less than thirty seconds as Japan knocked the U.S. on its back with one punch.

For round 2, the U.S. busted out their bigger second robot known as Eagle Prime. This mechanical pride of America takes the punch of the Kuratas without blinking. Then Eagle Prime starts delivering some killer blows and pushes the Kuratas back on its heels before the two robots became all tangled up with each other. Both teams agree a cease fire to disconnect their combatants and the fight resumes.

Eagle Prime’s chainsaw arm actually starts to do some damage and shreds the Kuratas’ armor. Not long after that, the Kuratas grinded to a halt and stopped working, giving USA its overall victory.

The dream here is that this would be the first of many more international robot duels. If that does happen, I hope they find a way to make things a bit more exciting. I mean if they made them controlled by remote instead of pilots, then I feel like the destruction could be kicked up a notch.

Don’t get me wrong. I think both of these machines are impressive feats of technology. It just felt like the commentary and theatrics behind the production were trying to make things seem bigger than they are though. This wasn’t an MMA fight, it was a science experiment on a large scale. I hope this isn’t the last giant robot battle we see and I’m sure the next one will be even better.



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