The Mighty Maids of Anime

There are all sorts of different maids within the world of anime. There are the capable ones, the meek and mild ones and then there are my favorite type… the kick-ass maids who won’t put up with any of your crap! The ones who can beat the hell out of you without breaking a sweat and will then go back to their duties without even thinking about it. These are the maids that I love and I’ve chosen four awesome examples of this maid subclass for you to check out.


Momoka Oginome

Cross Ange

She has her meek moments certainly but Momoka is still pretty awesome when she is able to use her mana and will do anything to protect her mistress… even sneak into and infiltrate a top secret island!

Cross Ange

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With English, German subs in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland



Misaki Ayuzawa

Maid Sama

Alright before you leave me angry comments I’m well aware that Misaki is only technically a maid since she just works in a maid cafe. Don’t tell her that though because she can still kick your ass (and mine for that matter)!


Kurumi Narumi

Mikagura School Suite

Another maid who isn’t going to put up with your crap, Kurumi is awesome at the put downs and making sure that the main character doesn’t get too out of hand when she’s around Seisa which is no easy task!

Mikagura School Suite

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With EN, IT, DE and FR subs in Continental Europe except for Scandinavia



Elenore Baker


Where else are you going to find a maid who is a talented cook, housekeeper and hand to hand/heavy weapons combat expert? Nowhere! Elenore Baker packs a punch in her tiny frame and just like the other lovely laides on this list has no patience for anyone who threatens her mistress!



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