The Most Brutal Deaths in The Heroic Legend of Arslan *SPOILERS*

A dazzling story about a prince who must fight to take back his kingdom after it is defeated in battle by a rival army. From the beautiful animation, gorgeous music and compelling story, Heroic Legend of Arslan is one of those series that is very difficult to not enjoy at least one element of it. However, there is one other thing that Arslan does better than any other series that has premiered this year: kill people.

Yes, this is a series that not only thrives on being a violent war series, but revels in all the interesting and creative ways it manages to kill characters, both major and minor, along the way. Below you’re going to find eight examples of some of the most glorious deaths to be featured within the first 13 episodes of Arslan! Naturally this should probably go without saying but there will be some spoilers ahead.


Episode 2 – Parisan cavalry falls into oil pit and are set on fire by Lusitania

The army from the Kingdom of Pars charges forward on a plain with dense fog. What could possibly go wrong? How about the whole bit where the enemy army has dug a deep pit and filled with flammable liquid? We’re sure you can imagine where this is going… cavalry flambe!

arslan fire


Episode 5 – Lord Shapur shot in the forehead with an arrow by Gieve

The Pars military force has suffered a horrible defeat and the enemy army is now right at the front door of the capital with a major figure of the military strung up for all to see. Beaten and bloody, this figure musters up as much strength as he can and screams for his friends to kill him with an arrow rather than allow the enemy to torture him to death. Gieve answers the call.


Episode 7 – Soldier is stabbed with a sword through the mouth

It’s not just major characters who taste bitter death (if you’ll pardon the pun) but the minor characters as well. The enemy army has invaded the capital and are not above torture which is exactly what one soldier from Pars experiences when a sword is rammed through his mouth.


Episode 8 – The porter gets beheaded by Kharlan

The traitorous military figure captures a porter who says he has information about where Arslan is and how is he rewarded? A quick and simple beheading. No big deal. Just another day at the office for Kharlan.


Episode 8 – Kharlan falls off his horse onto a spearhead

Luckily for the audience, Kharlan gets his in the end when Daryun causes him to fall off his horse and he falls right onto a spearhead.

Arslan 2.1


Episode 9 – Soldier is thrown into the bonfire

Not every member of the Lusitania army is heartless though. One even questions his superior and wonders if it’s the right thing to do to destroy all of the texts that Pars has accumulated over the years… a gesture which causes him to get kicked into a giant bonfire.


Episode 12 – Soldiers are buried under rocks

Narsus is one of the most brilliant tacticians in history so for him to lure an enemy unit into a rock slide and that’s exactly what he does without even breaking a sweat.

Arslan 1.2


Episode 13 – Hawk tears out soldier’s eyes

Arslan is on the run as usual. It all looks bleak for him and his friends when suddenly some help arrives out of nowhere starting with an old feathered friend ripping the eyes out of an enemy solider.


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