The Nichijou Blu-Ray Is A MUST!

Okay, so if you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years then you would have missed the manga, Nichijou. The anime adaptation aired during April of 2011. This Slice of Life is anything but, it’s the crème de la crème of comedies in the anime community.

Nichijou remains a cult classic that’s shared among forums far and wide, and is one of the best when it comes to pure, random insanity. After finally finishing the Blu-Ray release, I can say that I wholesomely enjoyed my return. The series has aged so well and in the Blu-Ray format; it’s shines brighter than any diamond. Having access to the special episode zero of Nichijou was also a treat in of itself.

Outside of the physical discs, the edition comes with nothing more. The special features are packed into the last disc and contains the aforementioned episode zero, but as a special feature. It also contains the textless openings for both opening 1 and opening 2.


The anime in its entirety is solid. The humor maintains its grace and while it is most certainly slap-stick; it’s beautifully cringe. The characters are most certainly outlandish individuals who seem above us all… and yet they are shockingly relatable. Mio is hilarious and her daily struggles to just live out her dream to be a mangaka is just plain entertaining. Characters are oddly relatable, despite it feeling so outlandish.

It is well worth paying the price of admission for owning the Blu-Ray/DVD release.



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