The Silent Hero of Anime

You may be thinking that the silent hero of anime is a ninja, shrouded in secrecy, soundlessly stalking their prey. But no, the silent hero of anime truly is the humble subtitle.

The heated debate between subs and dubs has raged on for decades. Of course, both sides make valid points and, believe it or not, we here at Viewster can’t quite decide which we like best either! So we’d just like to take a moment and celebrate subtitles and everything they’ve done for us.

For one, subtitles are the quickest way to get brand new anime exported to foreign markets. Without subs, we wouldn’t have simulcasts. Dubbing anime is a long and expensive process that can take months to complete, but a skilled team of translators can crank out a subbed episode in a matter of hours.

ninja slayer

Subs also let you experience anime the way it was originally intended by its creators, with original voices and more literal translations. In this way, subs are better for preserving the cultural integrity of a series. Sometimes, subs can even provide additional insight and background information to an anime, sometimes with hilarious results.

And of course, let’s not forget that subtitles of all kinds allow the hearing-impaired to enjoy media that would otherwise be nearly impossible to understand.


So thank you, subtitles, and all the translators and encoders who work hard to bring us quick, informative, and culturally intact anime episodes. But don’t worry dubs, we still ♥ you too.

What’s your favorite thing about anime subtitles? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.


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