The Sports Anime Nerd Corner

The Sports Anime Nerd Corner
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I think we can all agree that sports anime are ridiculous. I think we can also agree that it’s why we love them. But sometimes sports anime can get a little too f*cking ridiculous. I’m not talking about jump limits or being able to count how many times a fastball spins in real time. No, I’m talking about real, honest to god, stats.

If you’re thinking this is a ridiculous concept, hold onto your butts. This first example doesn’t even come from a sports anime. It comes from SHIROBAKO, an anime about making anime.

In this scene, we see Shizuka Sakaki, an aspiring voice actress, at a line reading. I’m completely into this episode when the director drops this bomb.

The Sports Anime Nerd Corner
Hahahaha. Not f*cking likely, pal.

Now, any normal person would have let this go. But not me. These two stupid, probably throw away lines burrowed deep into the wrinkles of my brain and an obsession began. I wanted, no, NEEDED to know if this exact scenario had ever happened. I just couldn’t fathom it being possible. And thus, my search began. Has a team ever come back and won when facing this scenario—One out to go, down six, with zero baserunners.

Unfortunately, while baseball stat research has come a LONG way this decade, we do not yet have the ability to narrow our focus this much. Luckily for all of you, I’m a sadist. I researched this for nine hours—combing through century-old box scores and reading articles from the 1920s.

I have yet to finish this episode, but I have discovered the answer (to the best of my abilities). This has happened not once, not twice, but three f*cking times. Hell, in one of them, the team had to come back from EIGHT RUNS DOWN.

I won’t bore you with any more stats, but here are the box scores. (Yes, the Cubs one cheats a little since it was the TOP of the ninth, but they still were down to their last out.)

Box Score One (Play-by-play from 1901)

Box Score Two

Box Score Three

Hats off to SHIROBAKO, you were right.




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