The Time Has Come: Persona 5

Today’s the day: We’re finally going to sink our teeth into the worldwide release of Persona 5 on PS3 and PS4.

The game was released in Japan back in September of 2016, but fans everyone else have been chewing their lips patiently waiting for the worldwide release – and that’s on top of the 9 year wait since Persona 4.

If you’ve never played a Persona game, you’re missing out. They’re totally unique. Somehow they manage to combine a lot of unexpected elements, like Carl Jung and murder mystery. J-pop and pop quizzes. Classic RPG gameplay and modern Japanese culture.

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And these games can get freaky. How freaky? Well, in one installment your players cast summoning spells by shooting themselves in the head. So, yea, pretty freaky.

Since Persona 4 in 2008, the developers have been cashing in on the series’ popularity with some very odd spin offs titles. Atlus loves their spin offs. These oddities aren’t bad games, but they’re nothing like the main franchise.

Persona 5 gets back to the series’ roots – a dark, turn-based JRPG, laced with deep philosophical themes, set in a demon-infested modern-day Japan. Genre-purists may find this a little weird, but if you like weird, look no further.

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Your characters have “personas” which are summoned alter egos that help you beat the crap out of demons you find crawling around dungeons. Each persona has its own unique abilities, allowing for plenty of character customization.

The Japanese setting is modeled after real places in Tokyo. Several Japanese players even tweeted that they recognize in-game locations as being from their neighborhood. Recognizing the street you grew up on might be the coolest in-game Easter egg ever.

For those of you who ARE familiar with the series, you’ll know that one of franchise’s biggest selling points is the music. Persona 5 doesn’t disappoint. The multi-talented Shoji Meguro composed an excellent collection of acid-jazz tracks that match the game’s design perfectly.

Get the soundtrack. Trust me, you want the soundtrack.

Or you can get a bucket full of schwag with Gamestop’s Persona 5: Take Your Heart Edition, which comes with the game and the soundtrack, plus other fan necessities like an art book, a plush doll, and a lunchbox.

Grab your wallet – Persona 5 launches worldwide on TODAY.

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