These Anime Would Win The Oscars

It’s very possible that if you’re reading this article, you’re not getting dressed up this weekend in order to attend the Oscars. No shame in that since more than likely I won’t be attending the annual award ceremony either. But you know what? Who needs the Oscars? I sure don’t! In fact, forget the Oscars… let’s create our own awards and call them The Viewsters! That’s right, we’re saying farewell to Oscar and hello to the best that Viewster has to offer!


Best Actor

Ayumu Aikawa – Is This A Zombie

Ayumu wins this award hands down for his work as the best substitute magical girl to ever grace an anime series. Wielding a mighty chainsaw and even mightier skirt outfit, Ayumu was nominated for his part in a disemboweling scene which will forever go down in history as one of the most heartfelt, sweetest and most touching murders to ever be committed by an anime character.


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Best Actress

Kirino Kousaka – OreImo

To be a tsundere is a tough gig. To be a tsundere who is so completely unaware of her own status as a tsundere is tougher but Kirino pulls it off remarkably and convincingly. Kirino is a girl of many faces though; sometimes she’s an otaku, sometimes (cough most of the time cough) she’s a bitch, sometimes she’s a sweet little sister but when she smiles out of true happiness she can light up any room that she’s in.


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Best Costume Design

Log Horizon

One thing that I love about modern MMORPGs is how customizable they are. You can literally make your characters look pretty much however you want and Log Horizon proves that with every episode by having character and costume designs that reflect every different kind of personality imaginable. No one really looks the same which is one of the nicer things about this series.


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Best Music

Your lie in April

It’s hard to argue with a series that thrives on classical music but the soundtrack to Your lie in April is more than just the classics; filled with touching and sweet melodies that can bring a grown man to tears, this series is a winner on every note that can raise you up and drop you down again faster than a scale of sixteenth notes.

YLIA 006-2

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Best Visual Effects

Welcome to Irabu’s Office

Filled with a variety of styles and techniques, this series will catch even the most seasoned anime fan off guard with its wild and crazy style. A strong mix of live action and traditional animation, the two styles mesh together in an odd hodgepodge of brilliance that will flash before your eyes and be over before you even realize that you’ve started.


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Best Writing

Silver Spoon

Just telling someone that this is a series about a teenager finding his way in life by running away to an agricultural high school in the northern part of Japan isn’t enough. You have to show them that the characters and the trials that they go through in their lives are some of the best you’ll experience in your anime lives. Silver Spoon isn’t about farming, it’s about learning who you really are by experiencing good times and bad times; something that many of us forget far too often.


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What do you think of our choices? What awards would you hand out to our library of anime series here on Viewster? Tell us in the comments!


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