This Anime Continually Pushes Our Expectations To The Next Level

One thing that I love about Your lie in April is that no matter how many times I think it’s reached a new dramatic peak, I only have to wait an episode or two before it does something to reach even higher in the sky.

In this episode, Kousei is taking his turn at the piano competition with his friends and rivals all watching. At first things are going just fine for him but then he is attacked by flashback after flashback which quickly has things turning for the worse.

This is a tough episode to watch. If you’ve ever dealt with something akin to what Kousei is going through, you’ll want to have something comforting to watch after this because this episode will be a wild ride. Between the abuse and blaming himself for his mother’s condition it’s no wonder at all that Kousei is having problems playing the piano.

Your lie in April is a solid series in that regard. In only a handful of episodes (remember: this series is not even at its halfway point yet), this series has introduced the audience to a wonderful cast of sympathetic characters that you just want to see find some happiness of their own.

There are very few directions that this series could go in the future that wouldn’t make me happy. Even if we do actually get the ending that I’m already fearing we’re going to get, I’ll still be happy that I was able to make the journey with these characters.


Availability (click to watch Episode 9)

With German and English Subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Nordics (except Iceland), Benelux, Spain


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