Feast Like A Super Saiyan At Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner

dragon ball cafe

Dragon Ball isn’t going anywhere, (especially apparent with the recent release of the Flying Nimbus cushion and Kamehameha ball) Now, it’s time you book your flight to Osaka for some dragon ball goodness.

Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner has just opened in Osaka featuring a wide array of yummy foods inspired by the franchise. Located on the fifth floor of the Umeda Hilton Plaza West, the restaurant promises to delight fans with a menu chalk full of Dragon Ball goodness.

Scroll through the menu below.


Flying Nimbus Pancake (1,400 yen) with a rich citrus sauce

Dragon Ball Tree (750 yen) with mint cream and vanilla crème brûlée

Shrimp Spring Roll (1,850 yen)

Chi-Chi’s Special Assorted Plate (3,800 yen)

Oolong’s Barbecued Pork Noodles (1,200 yen) with two fancy panties

King Piccolo’s Bang Bang Chicken Salad (1,300 yen)

Cappucino art (650 yen each) featuring Goku, Korin, Frieza and Majin Buu


Get the full menu at SoraNews24… And stop in to the diner before it’s gone in January!

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