This New Anime is a Total Game Changer

One of the most fun and enjoyable shows of the new season is easily Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Over the last couple of years magical girl series have seen a resurgence of popularity and so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to put an interesting twist on the genre and create a magical boy series featuring hot bishounen action. Is that really all there is to this series though? Absolutely not and I’m here to give you five reasons why you should give this series a real fighting chance to impress you.

These are Not Your Parent’s Magical Teens

Just because the basic formula is the same though does not mean that these are your typical magical teens though. Not only are these teens forced into becoming magical boys and have personalities which would make them seem to be the last people you’d ever want defending the planet from those who want to do away with the power of love. One is obsessed with money, one is obsessed with satisfying his lust, one just wants to cuddle cute things and so on.

CuteHigh 1 cr

The Running Gags will Keep You Smiling

One thing that I absolutely love about each episode is the constant stream of running gags which will keep you laughing from week to week. The arguments over catchphrases in particular is a great one along with the wombat accidentally killing a teacher and then using his corpse as a mouthpiece; this is a series that isn’t afraid to throw in a little dark humor to keep things fresh.

The Villains are Stellar

I know that I’m supposed to cheer for the heroes of this series but I can’t help it… the villains in this series are awesome and I can’t wait to find out more about them and the green hedgehog that they serve. Yes, that’s right I said that they serve a green hedgehog.

CuteHigh Ep3.11

This is a Love Letter to Magic Series

For decades now we’ve seen the formula done time and time again: a group of young girls are approached by a creature of some kind which gives them magical powers in order to fight evil. In this series, it’s a group of boys who are approached by a pink wombat from outer space! It’s the same formula turned on its head but still comes complete with all the tropes that you’ve grown to know and love including over the top introductions, transformation sequences, ridiculous costumes, silly attack names and a new monster to fight every single week.

It’s Only Going to Get Better

While the humor and monster of the week formula might seem like it’s going nowhere right now, give this series a bit longer to really get revved up and you’re going to see some major clashes between the heroes and villains which are going to make all of your patience worthwhile.

CuteHigh Ep1.5 cr

In the end, this is a series that I’m sincerely hoping is going to pay off huge in the long run and I can’t wait to stick it out and see where it ultimately ends up. Will you be there with me as the Battle Lovers take on even tougher challenges?


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