This One Gaming Platform Could Rule Them All

gaming service This One Gaming Platform Could Rule Them All
Source: Blade

Gaming hardware company Blade has big ambitions. They imagine gamers of the future playing AAA PC games on any computer with the maximum settings, without having to buy high-end gaming computers.

“How is that possible?”, I hear you ask.

The answer is simple, streaming games over the internet. Think Netflix, but for real-time gaming.

Blade’s service, called Shadow, lets you pay just $35 per month to rent a gaming computer on a server located on some server farm. When you want to get your gaming on, you log in to your system and play, while all the processing happens on some remote server. All your computer has to do is display the visual output.

Moral of the story is, your system can be pretty minimal.

This could also work with console gaming. Your TV connects to a Blade device, which simple transmits and receives game data. No processing happens in your living room. Someday you could play Overwatch, Fortnite, Madden 2020, Minecraft, or the latest Final Fantasy – whatever –  from any average computer rig you picked up for a couple hundred bucks.

CNET does a pretty good job explaining:

The perks are huge.

No more buying expensive consoles or gaming computers. No more downloading games. No more system updates. No more hardware issues. Just pay a fee and play the latest games. It’s a total package, and a simpler system.

But it does have one major flaw…


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